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call from the past

artist statement

My works are an experiment between fine and applied arts. Everything starts with a detailed study and sketching, which reaches an etude drawing with ink and pen. After drawing a perfect image, I carry it on a cloth. To achieve a drawing stroke effect I use threads with variety of thicknesses. As for the images, they are provoked by historical, mythological and mystical stories. Everything in my work is based on well-measured symbolism. I deal with issues related to the human psyche and its responses under the influence of modern expectations; the archetypes in the human consciousness and the manipulations to which it is subjected.

I am often inspired by anatomical, perspective and engineering drawings. I combine the elements in almost illustrating style. In addition, my art works often deals with the idea of ​​fragmentation … the images in my pieces fall into total incompleteness to finish in the mind of the viewer.

the manipulation

“Alchemy of Media” is the name of Maria-Elena’s debute solo exhibition. It contains four different series.

the moon rabbit

“Conejo de la Luna” is Maria-Elena’s first art piece which was first presented in Serbia and later on in China.

the two

“Gnosis” is an ambitious project. It is an art installation of 8 pieces. Each of it is 2.5 m long and 80 cm wide.

This art work is Maria-Elena’s diploma work for National Academy of Arts.

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