Conejo de La Luna

“Conejo de la luna” (meaning Moon rabbit)  is the name of an art installation consisted of nine individual art works with an overall sound. Representing original drawings “Conejo de la Luna” aims to imitate the drawing process with a textile technics such as handmade embroidery.  The white soft cotton fabric is a recreation of an actual sheet of paper in the traditional drawing  while the threads are the representation of the basic graphic tools used into the process.

Both images of the rabbit as long as that of the moon are a kind of symbolic portrait. A portrait expressing male and female energy connected in one unbreakable power floating in every human individual.

Based on many studies on different interpretations of characters and symbols the image of rabbit symbolizes responsiveness and abundance. It is a personification of fertility, family, high sexuality, dexterity and alertness. In Greco-Roman antiquity rabbit is a symbol of love, lust and abundance.It’s typical for many cultures to connect the image of the rabbit with that of the Moon. In Egyptian mythology rabbits are also closely associated with the moon and its phases, the full moon has been linked to a male rabbit, but the new moon with the female one. Therefore rabbits are androgynes and gender changed. On the other hand, moon is widespread cosmic symbol in all ages. The lunar cycle is often considered a powerful indicator associated with the circle of life.



Size: 30 / 35

Medium: embroidery

Materials: cotton cloth, cotton threads


“Gnosis” is an art installation in two parts. The images illustrate the idea of the curious human nature in which the conflict between good and evil, material and spiritual intertwine in a labyrinth of quests and downs to the ultimate cosmological wisdom.