Мy installations are created with classic textile techniques. I work with mixed techniques by combining different behavioral materials. Two of my installations were donated to charity auctions – one for children suffering from diabetes and another one for children suffering from cerebral paralysis.

3 D


Size: 200/180 cm

Medium: art installation

Materials: hand-made paper, juta, gypsum, metal threads, gold pigment




Size: 80/300 cm

Medium: weaving

Materials: synthetic yarn, cotton threads



Size: 80/300 cm

Medium: weaving

Materials: cotton clothes, sheep wool yarn

Alchemy of Media

The cause of alchemical scholars has been characterized by chemical experiments along with spiritual improvement. The initiates in the universe will unravel the symbols and create the so-called mental transmutation – the basic knowledge; eternal life. I could not help but wondering how this ancient covenant affects the modern world; where the alchemical transmutation is developing and how positive it is.

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